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Snow-White Christmas

WHITE! I want snow-white Christmas. We don’t have snow, but we have Christmas. I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas, and I can already imagine that it’s gonna look magical, amazing, and white. I haven’t seen snow either, so I’ve been meaning to experience it soon and wear winter clothes which I love. I’ve seen this picture of a white Christmas in Russia, and my jaw dropped literally out of amazement. That’s the moment I declared myself to spend Christmas and New Year in Russia.  

Some interesting facts I found out is that Russian winter holiday traditions and celebrations are the longest which spans from the end of December until mid-January. It is because Russia celebrates Christmas every January 7th the following year. The date is different from the usual December 25th because they use the old Julian calendar for religious celebrations. The main holiday celebrated in December is still New Year where families get together for a festive meal. 

One more intriguing fact is that Santa Claus has a Russian version called Ded Moroz which means Grandfather Frost (is he related to Jack Frost?). Grandpa Frost also brings gifts and places them under the New Year Tree. Yes! That tree that is well decorated in Moscow’s Red Square is called the New Year Tree and not Christmas Tree. Another character named Snegurochka (The Snow Maiden) which is Ded Moroz’s granddaughter accompanies him instead of the popular Rudolf the red nose reindeer.

The Russian version of Christmas and New Year is a unique deviation from the usual tradition that I know of, and it really tickles my curiosity. I want to learn and experience it for real instead of just reading. The Kremlin’s Spasskaya Tower which chimes at the stroke of midnight with the grand fireworks display as bloggers described it already sounds dreamy and magical. I don’t wanna rush for Christmas and New Year yet, but Russia already looks like a rush!. I’m so excited.

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