This idea is created out of hobby and passion for traveling. Like any other travel sites, we post blogs from different categories like destinations, travel guides and visa requirements among others. However, we exist to create a dual perspective.  Our goal is to help everyone achieve their own DIY travel with ease as we call it eDIY.  

For some people, traveling nowadays is easy-peasy as there are thousand of first hand information and resources that are well documented unlike before, however it doesn’t apply to all generally. Despite the availability of official tourism websites, myriad of internet contents, blogs from bloggers around the world, thousand of channels from YouTube vloggers, and all other post and page from all sorts of social media, there are still people struggling to do their own DIY travel. As I observe, people is either not confident enough to create their own, lazy to do their own research, people who don’t prefer to do the nitty gritty of pre-travel groundwork, limited holidays time to do research, unfamiliar with the world wide web, or simply confused with the thousands of available information online and offline who at the end of the day succumbs to not traveling at all. Sometimes all you need is to hear it directly from someone who already had the experience and help you create your trip with eased.

What makes us unique?

Firsthand Experiences

We are not a travel agency nor a  travel agent, we are travelers in our own way. We’ve been to places both domestically and internationally and have earned our own taste of experiences and lessons learned from countless trip in our lives.  We call ourselves DIYers like everyone else. Therefore, you can expect a more intimate and in-depth travel advice and recommendations  based on our firsthand experiences.

DIYers – “Do It Yourself”

We love doing DIY trips, booking our own flights, trains, bus, hostels, resorts, tours, activities, meet ups and everything from scratch to make it more personal, customize, and more especially a trip that is consistent within our own line of interest. We are like any other travelers out there who prefer to travel practically and wisely rather than leisurely.

eDIY – Eased Do-It-Yourself

Everything is DIY, so you have full control over your time, phase and expenses. You have the freewill to change your daily schedules, unlimited time for sight-seeing, stop over to any place you want and change of mind is even possible. We can help you make it happen. Let’s make it personal so you can own it and create your own trip next time.

Our Country Experiences So Far

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