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Learned to play the piano at age 10. Now forgot everything.

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Prefer beach than mountains

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I am very fond of castles and trains

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Gifted with drawing skills, but never enhanced.

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I have pteronophobia (fear of feathers)

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Learned Water Safety and Rescue (WASAR) Swimming At Age 20

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I have a very thick hair

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I love white shoes

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I love coffee, cakes, and pastries

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I love spring

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Practicing Muay Thai and Boxing since 2016

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Prefers solo travelling.

There you are! You found me.

Getting to know me will not take us a lifetime of discussion. It will only take us an exact flight time from Manila to South Korea lol. I’d like you to know that I am the usual type of Filipina traveller who is tied with a day job. I survive by maximizing weekends, regular national holidays, special non-working holidays, non-working local observances, annual leaves, special leaves, compensatory leaves, and sometimes sick leaves hehe. Talking about leaves, I deserve them, I worked for it. It’s not convertible to cash either, and it’s part of the offer letter I accepted when I took the role. Maximizing is the key.

Another thing I want you to know is, I am an ordinary passport holder. I am a typical Filipino who simply have multiple passport stamps and single-entry visas. So I think most of you I can get along with in terms of visa issues. My secret is to keep all means behind that stable and ready.

I am a solo traveller, but of course, I didn’t start as one. Had experience travelling with a partner, group of friends, a best friend, and family. They all bring a different kind of laughter, excitement and hardships. Though one thing is consistent, whoever I am travelling with, I always end up being a chaperone. I don’t know why. However, nothing beats when your solo, for me at least. Preference? Big fat YES

Sometime in my travel life, I found myself immersed in doing my own research about places I want to go to. It gives me excitement and inspiration to look forward to. Like anybody else, I started like a freak who creates a detailed schedule to literally having no itinerary at all. My experiences made me more knowledgable on how I should do things the next time so, I never stop exploring and trying ’till I know what’s working for me.

So, how it all started? My first attempt to travelling is circa 2010 and luckily scored a Piso sale via Cebu Pacific. First destination, HONG KONG, of course, haha, it’s popular, and it’s visa-free. My next trip was followed after 7 years. Woah! I just realized that it took me almost a decade to get out of the country again. Come 2016, I was able to get out of the country frequently, from once a year to 7 times a year. 

People in the office started noticing my advenCHErs aside from me promoting travel abroad. They began asking favors from me. Others would ask for ticket sales, itineraries, booking suggestions, country recommendations, etc. I just don’t know if they are either really clueless about it or lazy to do it on their own. These people actually ended up asking me if I create blogs about my travel experiences where they can just read all about it. I said, “it’s all in my mind and I didn’t put it online.”.

I’ve acquired a lot from reading various travel blogs. However, there are times that reading isn’t really enough at all. The way other travel blogs describe things is based on the perspective of “someone who has already been there.” I too am guilty somehow. For instance, blogs tend to mention names of places and directions with a clear description at the back of their minds, yet keeping the reader clueless about what they are talking about. I’m a visual type of person who maximizes my photographic memory. Therefore, describing places, locations particularly directions through words is sometimes not helpful and hard for me to comprehend. Hence, I came up with a visually-friendly type of blog that is packed with infographics I call “iBlog”. The goal is to create a quick picture of it at the back of their mind and eventually remembers it.

And so this idea of creating my own website with blogs and travel service was created. There is too much push and pull for this idea, because I know that it’s gonna be busy as hell. But here I am, and my goal is to lend a helping hand. I wanted to create a platform where all who aspire to get out of the country via DIY will be able to travel on their own soon and eventually cross borders confidently. 

I posted both blogs and iBlogs on my website to help you create and grasp the idea of building your own DIY. On the other hand, if you still can’t do it on your own, then you can make use of the services I offer. Let’s plan for your future trip, discuss essential travel tips and tricks, and learn how to do-it-yourself next time. 

Travelling with a full-time job isn’t easy as it is, but let’s go wander the earth step by step, keep calm, and traverse the earth one at a time.

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