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Aren’t we all looking for something that can make our lives colorful? I am with you. We all want to escape this dull and routine life. For me, traveling is the answer to that. It makes me more inspired to move on to the next chapter of my life, making me more motivated to carry on my daily task and look forward to that dream vacation that I’ve been dreaming of. Here are a few of the things that can help you get inspired.

Bucket List

Wandering the earth takes time for people who work full time and have a poor visa score. Therefore, I have my own bucket list. A progressive list that you can make based on your mood and priorities. You can also consider the geographic location and the seasons when creating your list. Sometimes this list does not always mean a destination or a tourist spot. Sometimes it is an experience, a celebration, or a festival that only happens in that particular place. Be creative on your own. At times, not all destinations we see posted on social media are a must-see. Don’t be afraid to exclude places that don’t interest you, only because your friends have been there, or for the purpose of social media posting. Be unique on your own, and let your curiosity take you to your most exciting and beautiful journey. Check out our short blogs of bucket lists to get you inspired. 


Sometimes quotes can make you realize things that are happening around you. Most often, it can even give you an epiphany just by reading them. I honestly sometimes find it more effective than family and friend’s advice lol—a simple quote yet packed with striking verity.
I enjoy reading and making one. I am not an expert on this, but I love making one from time to time. I combine my personally crafted quotes with images I took while traveling and create them in photoshop.

Places of Interest

Nothing beats like the vision board. Making it your eye’s daily vitamin that can give you a refreshing feeling and uplift of spirit from your daily lives, especially now that we are facing the new normal. Every day, I’ve been wishing to hear the good news of opening borders, lifting restrictions, allowing air travel, and bringing tourism back to life. I don’t lose hope, and I look forward to it instead. Optimism is the key, but complying with basic rules and helping flatten the curve will bring us the soonest to our long-awaited journey. Check out my gallery here  to get you started.  Also, if you are interested here is a link to my wallpaper products.



I simply get by with a vision board accompanied by songs that make it even livelier. I curate playlist in Spotify from time to time, making it my daily music to my ears. Check it out and follow the playlist to get you in tune with an inspiration. Click the playlist cover to get started.

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