We are accountable to all our clients, partners and prospects. We admit that we still have a lot to learn, skills to acquire and services to improve. We’d love to hear your thoughts, doubts, instincts and even violent reactions, so we can make rooms for improvement.

“You can’t achieve excellence in life if you fear opinion.”

Janna Cachola

We have established a mechanism that allows us to manage feedbacks, comments and compliments we received, therefore we are here to listen to any of your comments and suggestions, and rest assured that everything will be responded as soon as we can and hopefully addressed in the near future if it requires a big tweak in our policies.

We value your feedback as it will help us learn and become better. However, if you would leave us a negative feedback which we will gladly accept, please make it a constructive criticism which doesn’t require a negative energy or a heightened tension which might lead to unnecessary anger, high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke hehe. Let’s keep it simple and based on facts.

Learn to see the difference between constructive and destructive criticism.

Appreciate the constructive, ignore the destructive.

― John Douglas

Feedback Form

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