This waterfall is looking very tempting and mystical with its tiered basin pools made of sculpted limestones. Alternatively known as Tad Kuang Xi Waterfalls, this famous spot in northern Laos has luckily not been commercialized and has preserved its natural jungle beauty despite its popularity. Photos of this waterfall are Read More
I was taken aback for a while out of amazement for this place. It's like your very own jacuzzi room in a public place. It turns out that this is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Pamukkale town in Denizli, southwestern Turkey. Pamukkale means cotton-castle in Turkish, Read More
So I came across this magnificent picture that caught my eye while browsing for a new place to celebrate New Year.  I was totally blown away for that moment. It didn't even cross my mind that these floating lanterns I only saw in the movie Tangled were real. So I Read More
WHITE! I want snow-white Christmas. We don't have snow, but we have Christmas. I've been dreaming of a white Christmas, and I can already imagine that it's gonna look magical, amazing, and white. I haven't seen snow either, so I've been meaning to experience it soon and wear winter clothes Read More
I always see this dramatic train under the Cherry Blossom trees whenever I search for spring locations in South Korea. I recently found out that this is South Korea's biggest spring festival attracting 2 million visitors each year. This image is simply breathtaking and awe-inspiring, a scene and a season Read More
Back then, I used to see this image as one of the wallpapers available on a windows computer.  It was stunning and refreshing, but I didn't think that this place exists in real life. All I thought was, it's just a man-made graphical image. I stumbled upon this image because Read More

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