Having a full-time job has its perks. I never had any problem complying with employment-related visa requirements because you can simply request HR your Certificate of Employment (COE) and give them a few instructions on what details are required that should reflect in your COE. Details on your employment and Read More
Since I've been itching to move away from the dull and lifeless quarantine life we are all experiencing; I have already decided to move on and start planning for December 2020 holidays. However, like everyone else, I have also been upset by each local government's tedious domestic trip requirements. The Read More
I love bags, particularly backpack, and I'm not fond of a girly and luxury purse, clutch, or a handbag ew!. I own a second-hand petrol-mint colored Deuter Act Lite 35+10 SL designed explicitly for women. It's lightweight and expandable, which gives you enough space for a week-long trip. It has Read More

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